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Bidalot Racing Factory Cylinder Kit 80-B Derbi Euro 3

Bidalot Item no.: BID11000885

Bidalot Racing Factory Cylinder Kit 80-B Derbi Euro 3


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Bidalot Cylinder Kit 80-B Racing Factory Derbi Euro 3 - a cylinder kit that will impress even the most demanding pilot. Including:

  • Cylinder (44.9mm stroke / 90mm connecting rod)
  • 1-Ring Piston d = 47.6mm
  • Modular Cylinder Head
  • Gaskets for mounting

The Nikasil-plated aluminium cylinder (d = 47,6mm) has 6 transfer ports and a bridged exhaust port. The piston is a one-ring piston and the cylinder head is a high-compression modular one (detachable combustion chamber).

The kit can only be run with crankshafts with 44.9mm stroke and 90mm connecting rod, resulting in exactly 80cc displacement ("Big Bore").

With plenty of torque and plenty of power throughout the entire rpm range, this 80cc "Hyper Racing" kit is one of the most powerful kits on the market for this type of engine and displacement and can be used for track as well as for drag racing.

To unlock this cylinder kit's full potential, we strongly recommend running it with a large diameter carburetor (minimum 28mm), a Bidalot Factory 2015 exhaust and a Bidalot Factory or Stage6 R/T digital internal rotor ignition.

Data Sheet

Name Bidalot Racing Factory Cylinder Kit 80-B Derbi Euro 3
Item No. BID11000885
Brand Bidalot
Homologation No
Displacement 80cc
Stroke 44,9 mm
Conrod Length Standard
Product Line Hyper racing
Material Aluminium
Bore 47,6 mm
Piston Pin Original

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