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Booster Exhaust

Booster Exhaust

Booster Exhaust Systems from ALL the Big Names– exclusive distribution!

You want more HP, craving for a new sound for your scooter? Time to replace the exhaust! If you got a Spirit, a Rocket, a Stunt or another ride which falls into the Booster category, you will find that there is an incredible selection of Booster exhaust systems in our online shop. We’ve got a wide range of approved and certified Booster exhausts, one of which will fit your individual requirements.

  • Booster exhausts for all vehicles

    A huge selection of exhausts, for road use and for racing.
  • Booster exhausts for racing

    The entire range for high-end racing purposes.
  • OEM quality Booster exhausts

    Choose an exhaust and replace your original one.
  • The latest Booster exhausts just arrived

    Our contacts allow us to be one step ahead!

Booster Fun and nothing else

Boosters have been among the most popular scooters for years now and most pilots and mechanics love them. The way they are built allows for pretty much any engineering craziness you could think of. Even outside of extreme tuning, the Booster attracted the attention of all manufacturers which resulted in them developing Booster exhausts and accessories. Thus, big names such as Malossi, Polini and Metrakit started to design more and more products for the Booster. Of late, racing-oriented brands such as 2Fast or Cristofolini have also designed Booster exhausts, for 80cc machines and more.


Most suppliers are satisfied with offering just the most common Booster exhausts, whereas Maxiscoot.com has always tried to be ahead of the game. We offer the latest designs and exhausts that come into the market; which is why we are able to offer you the latest Cristofolini Booster exhausts; by the way, this manufacturer turned his attention to air-cooled engines on this occasion. Roost is a similar case, they decided to also develop and market their own high-end Booster exhausts made of very thin sheet metal which make for better resonance at the high-rpm range and which results in a huge increase in HP on air-cooled 50cc scooter engines. Bottom line: we’ve got one of the biggest Booster exhaust catalogues on the market, with exhausts for replacing the original one and of course, as always, racing exhausts which are for closed racing tracks only. It’s about time to go to Maxiscoot.com and find a new Booster exhaust for yourself. Stay tuned!

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