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Carburetor 24mm Peugeot SUM UP / 152QMI
Carburetor 24mm Peugeot SUM UP / 152QMI
Item no.: EKP-18722

Carburetor 24mm Peugeot SUM UP / 152QMI

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Name Carburetor 24mm Peugeot SUM UP / 152QMI
Item No. EKP-18722
Brand Various
Engine Type 2-stroke
Carburator Diameter 24mm
Choke Type Electric Choke
Air filter connection 42mm
Intake diameter 32mm
Slide type Round
Scope of Delivery Without cable
Option With vacuum port

Dell'Orto 24mm Carburetor, carburetor with large 24mm diameter for 125cc / 150cc maxi scooters (type: Peugeot Sum Up + GY6 4-stroke 152QMI. It is an OEM quality part, basically identical to the original carburetor.

The carburetor comes with e-choke and overflow protection. Intake diameter is 32mm, air filter connection is 42mm.


  • diameter: 24mm
  • intake diameter: 32mm
  • air filter connection: 42mm
  • electric choke
Suitable for (253)

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