Carburettor kit Motoforce RACING, flat-slide - 24mm, Jet (98-120), Air filter

MotoForce Racing Item no.: MF16.20202/KIT

Carburettor kit Motoforce RACING, flat-slide - 24mm, Jet (98-120), Air filter

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Motoforce Carburetor Kit Racing PWK 24mm with air filter and jet kit (98 - 120). The kit includes a 24mm PWK carburetor with power jet, a foam air filter (49mm) and a carburetor jet kit with main jets ranging from size 98 to 120. Excellent value for money, and you don't have to even think about which air filter and jets are suitable for your carb.

Name Carburettor kit Motoforce RACING, flat-slide - 24mm, Jet (98-120), Air filter
Item No. MF16.20202/KIT
Brand MotoForce Racing
Engine Type 2-stroke
Carburator Type PWK
Carburator Diameter 24mm
Air filter connection 49mm
Slide type Flat
Scope of Delivery Without cable
Option Without oil injection

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  1. MotoForce Racing

    MotoForce Carburetor RACING PWK24 incl. power jet

    Not available.
    Motoforce Racing carburetors PWK for replacing Stage6 carburetors. They are identical in terms of quality. They have 49mm air filter and 35mm manifold connections. Vacuum and fuel port, but no oil injection port. 24mm - main jet 110, pilot jet 40, power jet 32. Learn More

    MotoForce Racing

  2. MotoForce Racing

    Motoforce Air Filter black d= 50mm

    In Stock - Same Day Dispatch for orders placed before 2pm.
    MotoForce Air Filter 50mm black - HQ air filter at an excellent price.Straight 50mm connection for PWK and VHST carburetors. Double layer foam for optimum filtration and improved performance. With white MotoForce logo.Details:- open cell structure- 50mm connection (for PWK carbs)- colour: black- straight Learn More

    MotoForce Racing

  3. MotoForce Racing

    Jet Kit RACING 98-120 PWK

    Not available.
    Jet Kit PWK Carburetor by MotoForce, available at Maxiscoot for an excellent price. The box includes 10 jets, available in 3 different versions: 98 to 120, including the following sizes: 98, 100, 102, 105, 108, 110, 112, 115, 118 + 120. 122 to 145, including the following sizes: 122, 125, 128, 130, 132, 135, 138, 140, 142 + 145. 145 to 170, including the following sizes: 145, 148, 150, 152, 155, 158, 160, 162, 165, 168 + 170. Indispensable for jetting your carburetor! Always start with a too-large jet, then decrease jet size until your engine is running fine. Learn More

    MotoForce Racing