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Honda | 2 and 4-stroke Scooters |



Founded in 1948, Honda is now the leading motorcycles manufacturer worldwide, as well as the leading internal combustion engine manufacturer. The brand is famous for the excellent reliability, overall built and top quality design of  their products.

Honda a very wide product range, always with an equal concern for quality, starting with the Zoomer, a city scooter, up to the first CR-Z hybrid GTI sportscar, from lawn mowers to snow cannons. Honda is also on the cutting edge of technological progress, the company even has a robotics department, responsible for the ASIMO humanoid robot project.

The two-wheelers benefit from the brand's unrivalled experience. In fact, Honda started out manufacturing motorcycles and mopeds. Their classic Honda Dax series then helped to popularize the minibike, released in the early 70s, powered by a 4-stroke air-cooled engine.
In the early 2000s, Honda revived this concept by introducing the Zoomer, built & designed for the road, with a brand new 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine, fuel injection, and a 4-valve head; this scooter is a unrivalled when it comes to low emission and fuel consumption. Stylish and trendy, it immediately attracted a young and creative crowd.





Yamaha | Reference scooters |



The story of Yamaha begins in the 19th century, back in 1887. The brand at that time produced mostly musical instruments (their logo is still showing three crossed tuning forks).

Back to what we're interested in - Yamaha Motor Company was founded in 1955, following the success of the Yamaha YA-1 bike (single-cylinder 125cc two-stroke), drawing on the experience and knowledge gained from manufacturing musical instruments (!).
Yamaha has a significant number of partnerships leading to successful participation in the motorsport world, the brand has collaborated with famous names such as Bob Hannah or Valentino Rossi. A wide experience with both 4- and 2-stroke engines as well as their widely recognized technical know-how helped Yamaha to become one of the leading premium brands today. In regard to scooters, they are associated with MBK and together they produced the BW's / Zuma, the JOGR, the T-Max, Majesty and Aerox, just to name a few of their famous rides.