Intake Kit d=21mm Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight


Intake Kit d=21mm Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight


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We set about to assemble an excellent value for money intake kit (21mm) for Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight.

The kit includes:

As you can see, we picked the best products available. This intake kit is ideally suited for sports or racing engine set-ups, and will keep fuel consumption within a reasonable range.

We recommend getting a carburetor jet kit (Dell'Orto, 5mm) to get your carburetor set up properly.

Data Sheet

Name Intake Kit d=21mm Peugeot Trekker / Speedfight
Brand MXS Custom
Carburator Type Dell'Orto
Carburator Diameter 21mm
Choke Type Manual with cable
Slide type Round
Scope of Delivery With air filter, With intake manifold, With valve
Petals Material Carbon, Fiberglass

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Buxy 50cc AC

Buxy M 50cc AC

Elyseo 50cc AC

Elystar 50cc AC

Gipsy 50cc

Looxor 50cc AC

Metal-X 50cc

Speedake 50cc AC

Speedfight 2 50cc AC

Speedfight 2 50cc AC (after 2004) - (Euro 2)

Speedfight 2 50cc AC - 307 WRC (Euro 2)

Speedfight 2 50cc LC

Speedfight 2 50cc LC (after 2004) - (Euro 2 )

Speedfight 2 50cc LC - 307 WRC (Euro 2)

Speedfight 50cc AC

Speedfight 50cc LC

Splinter 50cc AC

Squab 50cc AC

TKR 50cc AC

TKR 50cc AC - 307 WRC (Euro 2)

TKR 50cc AC - Furious (Euro 2)

Trekker 50cc AC

Vivacity 50cc (before 2008, vertical AC)

Zenith 50cc AC

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