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Leovince Exhaust

LeoVince Exhausts

Treat yourself to a Leovince exhaust!

LeoVince is known to be a manufactirer of exhaust sysyetms for small budgets. They stay away from the high-performance world of professional racing and produce replacement exhausts for everyday use. If your original exhaust is getting old or damaged, you might opt for a Sito exhaust by LeoVince to replace it. Inaddition to making OEM quality exhausts, LeoVince is also producing sports exhausts such as  the ZX or the TT.

  • LeoVince OEM quality exhausts

    Go for an OEM quality exhaust.
  • LeoVince – a huge selection of exhausts

    Dozens of exhaust models for all possible uses.
  • The LeoVince ZX carbon exhaust

    Our top seller, available for a good price.
  • LeoVince scooter exhausts

    Available for 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke engines.

Italian know-how

LeoVince has been producing exhaust for quite a while. LeoVince exhausts have been manufactured for scooters and mopeds, for all types of rides and for all ages. Their top seller is the LeoVince ZX exhaust with its characteristic carbon silencer sporting a blueish LeoVince ZX logo. It comes in a clear coat and a chrome-plated version, not looking out of place at racing or tuning events or at trade shows. There is also golden silencers for those of you who want to tru something different.

For those of you who own a 70cc cylinder ride – LeoVince has a handmade 70cc stainless steel exhaust. It is ideally suited for engines with larger displacements and sounds really good. Not too long ago, LeoVince launched their new 4road exhausts. They are designed for 4-stroke scooters yielding lots of power and increasing rpm range. The body of the 4road model is chrome-plated, with silencer, header and mid pipe in one piece. Torque is also increased thanks to this 4-stroke specific exhaust design. If you want to add a GP look to your ride, the LeoVince GP exhausts might be the right choice for you. Their shape resembles the GP maxi scooter exhausts, and their bodies with their visible welding seams are really stunning - authentic racing look for your ride. As regards street-legal LeoVince exhaust, the certified homologation is included and might come in useful in case you're pulled over by the police.

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