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Malossi Air Filters

Timeless performance and quality: Malossi air filters !

Malossi, famous market leader for scooter parts for decades, stands out in many fields including filter technology. When you start working on your engine to improve it, it is paramount that you increase air filter volume as well. Maxiscoot carries the entire Malossi air filter product line, from simple foam for replacing your worn and/or clogged up foam to high-volume cones for highly tuned engines such as dragsters or racing scooters - we have have them all stocked. Please visit our online shop and discover the Malossi air filter selection.

  • Red filter model E5

    Our top-selling filter, modified and improved many times!
  • Malossi E16/E17 red air filter foam

    A new series of performance air filters.
  • Malossi original air filter foam

    To increase the lifespan of your original filter box.
  • Filters in various diameters

    A large selection of different diameters.

Air filters are important!

The Malossi air filter selection is so large that it’s near impossible to show you all products. One of the most sought-after Malossi air filters is the Red Filter E5. Its simplistic design has got more to offer than meets the eye, i.e. more than just the black or chrome plastic cap protecting the Malossi air filter from rain and weather. This filter comes in different sizes and is ideally suited for original set-ups or for lightly modiefied ones, it will give your scooter a nice sound profile, for a very reasonable price.


For those of you who would like to replace their original air box, Malossi has once again kept up with demand by including air filter foams which can be installed in place of your old foam. Malossi air filter foam has a longer life expectancy and better filtering properties than other foams. The Malossi air filters are aimed at original scooters, mopeds and maxi scooters, and despite being produced by famous and exclusive Italian manufacturer Malossi, they are available for small money. In addition, Malossi have also designed cone-shaped air filters which are more or less universal and which are more suitable for scooters with high-performance cylinders and big carburetors requiring increased air flow. That type of engine will benefit from being outfitted with E15 Malossi air filters allow for a much improved air flow in comparison to the smaller original air box. Don’t forget to visit the tools section as well; your carburetor may need a little adjustment if you want things to run smoothly!

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