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Malossi Exhaust

Malossi Exhausts

Lots of Malossi exhausts available now at Maxiscoot

Malossi is one of the few suppliers of scooter parts which have stood the test of time. Their know-how and experience  is world famous, the company has produced new and innovative products ever since and without taking breaks. Malossi exhausts are mostly designed for racing purposes but they can also be mounted on 50cc scooters and come as street-legal exhausts as well. Malossi exhausts are available for scooters, mopeds and for maxi scooters.

  • Malossi MHR Team 2 Nitro exhaust

    Unrivalled exhaust for Minarelli engines.
  • Street-legal Malossi MHR Replica exhaust

    The famous racing exhaust gone street-legal.
  • Malossi exhausts for mopeds

    A huge variety of MHR exhausts for mopeds.
  • Stunning Malossi silencers

    Spare parts for your MHR exhaust system.

Malossi power for your scooter

The MHR Team 2 exhaust for Nitro, Booster and Piaggio is the most powerful Malossi exhausts to date. The Malossi MHR Team 2 exhaust sports a superior finish which becomes apparent when looking at the design of the exhaust's body / expansion chamber – the welding is done by hand, and it is done with amazing perfection. The silencer of the Malossi MHR Team 2 exhaust is slightly glossy and gray, which is typical of this brand, and the Malossi logo is engraved using CNC-milling. With a weight of merely 1.1kg and the use of top quality materials, the Malossi MHR Team 2 exhaust will impress all owners of 70cc vehicles who want to increase the power output of their rides.


The Malossi MHR Team 2 is pretty much the best available exhaust for 70cc engines, but Malossi did not stop here as they also developed the Malossi MHR Big Bore exhaust for 77cc and 86cc even! It looks similar to the Malossi MHR Team 2 exhausts but has completely different technical characteristics.The sheet metal used for the expansion chamber is much thinner than the one used for its little brother. The body is larger and is suitable for displacements of more than 70cc. These Malossi exhausts are designed for larger cylinders and are meant to complement the Big Bore kits manufactured by Malossi. Developed for pure power, these Malossi exhausts will improve racing engines infinitely. Malossi equipment has been tested on our work benches again and again and is the ideally suited for Malossi cylinders.

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