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50cc Custom Geared Mopeds

During the last decade there has been a serious boost for the custom scene for 50cc geared mopeds. This new type of motorcycle seems tailored for those who enjoy trips in the countryside. Due to their transmission, similar to larger motorcycles, they allow for longer and smoother rides, outside of traffic jams. In France and Europe, we can see more and more 50cc geared mopeds now and the custom scene is growing at a very fast rate.

50cc geared mopeds allow for a different approach in terms of customization, while the engine is quite comparable to a scooter engine, the (visual) customizing part is much closer to what can be seen in the motorcycle scene and there are some awesome projects out there, that can easily compare to, if not outdo any "true" motorcycle tuner.



Motorcycle Parts

From the beginning, Maxiscoot created a catalogue of specific parts, aimed to the 50cc geared moped scene, of course there was not that much choice at first but with the fans' growing interest, the manufacturers didn't wait long until they started to release aa alwaus extending amount of custom parts for these machines.

Engine parts, transmission parts or stylish accessories, whatever you can find for scooters, you'll find it for 50cc geared mopeds, and then some more! Of course, at, we are constantly expanding our catalogue in order to have the best selection for the 50cc geared moped aftermarket parts. We also have the rarest and most desired high performance engine upgrades you won't be able to find anywhere else.