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CDI Motoforce RACING, adjustable, Baotian (4-stroke)

MotoForce Racing Item no.: MF12.00061

CDI Motoforce RACING, adjustable, Baotian (4-stroke)

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Open CDI from Motoforce RACING for 50cc 4-stroke models. This ignition unit has a little adjustment screw to adjust ignition timing.

By turning the screw clockwise, you can advance the spark, by turning it anticlockwise, ignition timing is delayed. Changed ignition times have a crucial influence on engine performance, from fuel economy to acceleration / take-offs and running smoothness. This is particularly important for tuned vehicles with higher displacement.

The adjusting screw is set to a medium position when you get the CDI, with 12-13 complete turns either way. A little click tells you when you reach the end stop.

For Baotian

Data Sheet

Name CDI Motoforce RACING, adjustable, Baotian (4-stroke)
Item No. MF12.00061
Brand MotoForce Racing
EAN 8005361287581

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


BT49QT-3 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-6A1 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-6A4 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-6B1 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-6B4 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-9R1 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-9R3 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-9S1 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-9S3 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-12C1 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-12G 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT-20A2 50cc 4-stroke

BT49QT 7 - 4-stroke

BT49QT 9 - 4-stroke

BT49QT 12 - 4 Temps

BT49QT 21B2 - 4-stroke

BT49QT 50cc AC 4 stroke

BT49QY 2 - 4-stroke

BT50QT 9 - 4-stroke

BT50QT 11 - 4-stroke

BT 50cc AC - 4-stroke

Big Panther 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-2A)

Eagle 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-9F1)

Eagle 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-9F3)

Ecobike 50cc 4-stroke (BT50QT-9)

Falcon 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-2C)

Hero 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12D)

Rebel 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12A1)

Retro 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-11)

Retro 50cc 4-stroke (BT50QT-11)

Rocky 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12E)

Smart Rider 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-7)

Sprint 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-9)

Tanco 50 - 4-stroke (BT49QT-12F)

Tiger 50cc 4-stroke (BT49QT-12P1)

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