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Nitro Exhaust

Nitro Exhaust

The widest selection of Nitro exhausts – available at Maxiscoot.com

You can find a huge variety of parts and accessories for liquid-cooled scooters here, in our online shop. Come and pick one of our Nitro exhausts, be it OEM quality, street-legal or racing, including those made of the thinnest sheet metal available that will give your ride a major boost  – and that are reserved for the race track, of course! We carry a huge product range which will suit all your needs and wants, and all of them for a fair price. So, go for a new Nitro exhaust, the choice is up to you…

  • State-of-the-art Nitro racing exhausts

    The most powerful racing exhausts on the market.
  • Exclusive Stage6 Nitro exhausts

    The entire Stage6 range exclusively at MXS.
  • Street-legal Nitro exhausts

    Many of our exhaust are designed for regular road use.

Our enormous Nitro exhaust catalogue

We have a huge selection of Nitro exhausts available at our Maxiscoot.com online shop. Big names such as Malossi have entrusted us with the distribution of their Nitro MHR Team Racing exhausts and the Nitro MHR Replica exhausts which look like the racing exhausts but are built for regular road use. Stage6 Racing equally offered us exclusive dealership for their products well-known worldwide, such as their popular racing gear, for example the Stage6 R14, the most famous Nitro exhaust of the last years, boasting top performances and highest quality.


In addition to our high-end selection of racing exhausts designed for the race track, we would like you to have a look at our Nitro Replica exhausts and replacement parts including street-legal replacement products for regular road use. The racing catalogue includes the famous Bidalot SR and S3R with anodised blue silencers, the Stage6 Pro Replica which is available in a chrome-plated and a clear coat version, coming with a carbon or a black aluminium silencer as well as numerous other parts compatible with pretty much any Nitro products on the market. If you already have an exhaust for your Nitro, you will also find excellent spare parts such as silencers made of polished aluminium, real carbon or Kevlar. Our street-legal Nitro exhausts are shipped with EU homologation certificate, in case you're pulled over and your set-up's legal status is controlled. Click on the orange button and check it out!

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