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MBK Nitro

scooter nitro
scooter nitro

The MBK Nitro (or Yamaha Aerox) is one of the most popular scooter in Europe. It comes with a liquid-cooled horizontal Minarelli engine, known for its power and virtually unlimited upgrading possibilities. It is also a very durable and reliable. The MBK Nitro also features front and rear disc brakes.
Horizontal Minarelli engines are the most popular engines for racing, almost 70% of racing or drag racing set-ups are based on this engine.
At Maxiscoot.com we have a wide range of performance parts for this scooter, including the very best and most popular cylinder kits such as the Malossi BigBore MHR Team II or the Stage6 Racing Modular, we even have the 86cc Malossi MHR Team II and the very rare and sought after 80cc 2Fast kit.
Of course, the engine will now need some reinforced parts such as the Stage 6 HPC crankshaft with 85mm connecting rod and 12mm pin. As for the exhausts, there are some superior products available, such as the Stage6 R1400 Race or Yasuni Carrera 30.
Our catalogue also includes an extremely wide selection of fairing/visual tuning parts.
But even if you want to remain "classic" and ride it on the road, the Nitro will not disappoint.