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Polini Exhaust

Polini Exhaust

Need a Polini Exhaust? What are you waiting for? Join us!

Almost everybody knows Polini's famous For Race exhaust, with its awesome sound, unrivalled power and excellent quality. And if you don't know it - Maxiscoot.com has online catch-up sessions under the heading Polini exhausts, here on our website. The company is a leading manufacturer in the field of scooter racing, splitting the market with main competitor Malossi. Polini never ceases to push existing limits and to produce even more HP with new products.

  • Polini Racing exhausts – unrivalled

    The two-stroke exhaust legend is available at our shop.
  • Polini exhausts for all two-wheelers

    A product range covering all scooters and mopeds models.
  • Polini exhaust ‘Big Evolution’ for 94cc kits

    Polini’s hardcore exhaust for 90cc or more
  • Polini exhausts for Nitro

    The racing exhaust for LC engines exceeding 70cc!

Treat yourself to a racing exhaust

Like all Polini racing exhausts, the ‘Evolution’, often nicknamed ‘‘EVO’’, is 100% high-end. The innovative bit here is the fact that the Polini ‘Evolution’ racing exhausts are also available in a 50cc version, specifically designed to go with 50cc high-end aluminium cylinders. The Polini Evolution 50cc exhaust in combination with a Polini 50cc cylinder kit will considerably boost your 50cc engine and in some cases, with the right adjustments, make it act as if it were a 70cc engine. Its body has an elegant golden welding seam at the manifold, the expansion chamber is made of thin rolled and welded metal sheet with exceptional resonance characteristics. The silencer will adequately deal with the new power of your 50cc kit in terms of sound.


In addition, Polini have launched a new exhaust called Polini Big Evolution 94cc. This Polini exhaust was designed for the cylinder series of the same name by Polini and yields a mind-blowing increase in HP. It will change the look of your ride significantly since the silencer sports an attractive bluish grey finish. It has a CNC-milled clamp designed for improved attachment of the silencer to the body. Let’s have a closer look at this body, the expansion chamber: it's huge! Its size is unequalled so far; its sides are very high so it is aligned with the Polini cylinder. The Polini Big Evolution 94cc has opened up the scooter world by getting rid of the 70cc barrier. It will, however, be necessary to modify the exhaust flange if you want to install other cylinders. This might cause a bit of an inconvenience, but understandably, Polini does want to give people an incentive to use the 94cc Polini exhaust and the Polini 94cc cylinder kit!

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