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Roost Exhaust

Roost Exhaust

Roost exhaust ! The cream of the crop of scooter racing at your feet...

Roost hasn't been around for a very long time, but has already made their mark alongside their Dutch and German competitors and are always present at our French races. Roost exhausts are chracterized by their impressive bodies made of rolled and welded sheet metal and their grey silencers. Don’t bother looking for OEM quality 50cc cylinders here, Roost exhausts have been designed for the 70cc and higher range. Of course, race track only and only for high-performance engines.

  • Roost special Stage6 R/T exhaust

    Deseigned to be combined with the R/T cylinder.
  • Roost 70cc/80cc/86cc exhausts

    A racing exhaust product range for top-speed performances.
  • Roost exhausts for Minarelli and Piaggio

    A huge variety of exhausts for Piaggio or Minarelli.
  • Roost ‘Track’ model

    Good for kick starts and racing !

Roost exclusively at Maxiscoot.com

Roost is renowned among Dragster aficionados worldwide ever since they came onto the market. The company developed their entire product range for racing exclusively. Their selection is for speed freaks only. One of the most famous Roost exhausts is their standard model which has been designed be combined with Malossi 77cc cylinders. The brand soon started to diversify and developed Roost exhausts for different uses such as racing on straight tracks or racing on winding circuits. Roost’s know-how is so vast that their mechanics are able to tell, taking the thickness of the sheet metal and cylinder port timings into consideration, at which rpm a Roost exhaust will achieve maximum power.


Thanks to this knowledge and experience, Roost can help even the most ambitious racer by offering them exhausts which unleash their power at very high rpm, sometimes at over 14,000rpm. Apart from that, they did not forget pilots who want to use their machines for endurance racing by designing Roost exhausts which yield power in a more balanced way, and at lower rpm. The Sprint HR series for horizontal Minarelli and for Piaggio engines was designed for 70cc engines especially. A laerger carburettor is needed for these though, given the size of the exhaust pipe. All Roost exhausts are prohibited from regular road use due to noise emissions and because the employment of that type of exhaust is simply connected to a larger displacement cylinder. Visit Maxiscoot.com, click on the high-end exhaust segment and discover our Roost exhaust selection.

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