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Scooter Variator

A huge catalogue of scooter variators

The scooter variator differs a lot from a motorcycle speed drive. The reduction of the gearing ratio occurs without any further action of the pilot. The transmission of power takes place grace to the complementary interaction of the Variomatic drive, the torque control, the clutch and the sliding band. This ‘automatic gearbox’ which works grace to the principles of centrifugal power is fitted with centrifugal weights of differing heaviness which slide on the taper of the speed drive and which alter the position of the chain so as to transmit power onto the clutch. In our online shop you will find a huge array of scooter variators, and these come in three different categories: replacement of original ones, Sport/Racing ones and ‘Grand Plage’/Hyper Racing ones. All scooter variators offered by us have been conceived and manufactured by big names such as Stage 6, Malossi, Polini, Doppler and Bidalot and they all represent great value for money.

  • Variator for replacement purposes - scooters

    Motoforce Sport and Naraku Performance Variator
  • Sport/Racing Variator - scooters

    Malossi Multivar 2000, Motoforce Racing, Polini Speed Control, Stage6 Sport Pro, etc.
  • Grande Plage/ Racing Variator - scooters

    Malossi MHR et MHR Team, Polini Super Speed Evo and of course Stage 6 R/T.

Variator for all types of scooters

Whether it’s an original Variomatic that needs to be replaced or whether you’re interested in a Grand Plage set-up and highly powered configurations, we have scooter variators for little money. As to the replacement product line, these models imitate the technical characteristics of the speed drive originally installed on your scooter and come with three different sets of centrifugal weights, so it can be adapted to most scooters commonly available on the market. The scooter Sport variators is destined for owners of scooters which underwent a light tuning. All versions of the latter which we offer in our online shop are of a super high manufacturing quality and their technical features allow you to obtain better acceleration, a higher top speed as well as less wear and tear, due to the fact that the casing of that Variomatic is very solid and makes for less friction compared to other speed drives.

As more highly powered engines are concerned, we recommend the Grand Plage / Hyper Racing Variomatic drives which come with a bigger diameter and with optimised tapers. These scooter variators are covered with special anti-wear and tear and an anti-friction coating so as to increase performance and longevity – high-end products for demanding, but ultimately happy customers. scooter variators play an important role as regards the acceleration of an engine. If adapted well to the remainder of the elements of the speed drive it will make for an optimised transmission of engine power onto the rear wheel and for a better overall performance of your scooter. If you have got any queries relating to the right choice of products, please give our call centre a call under 0033 826 10 14 10 or write us an email to info@maxiscoot.com.

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