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SCR Exhaust

SCR Exhausts

We carry the entire SCR exhaust catalogue

We specialise in scooter spare parts but we have also a vast selection of moped parts. If you’re more of a Derbi fan, no worries, we definitely have got what you need. SCR exhausts are defined by their original Kevlar fibre silencer – no cheap replica here, but the real thing. They come in several finishes such as the anodised models and more low-key grey models. SCR exhausts are also available for Yamaha TZR and other XPower rides.

  • SCR Corse Derbi racing line

    Racing exhaust with low mount for 50cc racing kits.
  • SCR Corse SM chrome exhaust for TZR

    A more conventional version, with low mount.
  • SCR Corse for Booster /Nitro

    The famous model finally available for Minarelli engines.
  • SCR handmade high mount model

    Motocross exhaust with high mount!

Leave the well-trodden paths with SCR Corse

The most popular model by SCR Exhaust is the SCR Corse Racing Line. These are compatible with pretty much all mopeds on the market and are so successful that they have also been adapted to Nitro and Spirit. Its typical carbon / (real) Kevlar silencer is easily recognizable and are evocative of exhausts such as Yasuni Carrera and Metrakit Pro Race. SCR exhausts come in several different finishes in regard to body and silencer. You could go for a chrome-plated version and add a tuning look to your scooter or moped, or you can go for the more classic clear coat look which shows the welding seams and looks more "racing".


SCR exhausts are racing exhausts and have been designed for high-end cylinders such as the Malossi Hyper Racing, the Stage6 70cc Racing and the Polini Evolution 70cc aluminium. The finishing of SCR exhausts is superior, you only have to touch them to immediately understand what kind of quality you’re looking at and what kind of increase of power your engine will be enjoying once the gear is mounted. In addition, once it is mounted, the sound becomes very nice. Be careful though, some SCR Corse exhausts are not street-legal and cannot be used on public roads, for the race track only! It doesn’t matter whether your ride is a 50cc moped or a scooter, SCR Corse has thought about everyone and has gear for both camps. Visit our exhaust section on www.maxiscoot.com and check it out.

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