Stage6 Clutch + Ipone Oil Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3

MXS Custom Item no.: MS-PKMS6EMB23/2

Stage6 Clutch + Ipone Oil Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3


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Maxiscoot has compiled a special clutch kit for you - Stage6 Reinforced Clutch Discs for Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3 and Ipone Gear Oil.

The kit includes HQ reinforced clutch discs + friction plates + springs by Stage6 and 1 litre of semi-synthetic gear oil by Ipone. Upgrade your clutch for small money!

We recommend soaking the discs in an oil bath for several hours (over night) before installing them so they don't burn up after a couple of miles.

Data Sheet

Name Stage6 Clutch + Ipone Oil Derbi Euro 2 / Euro 3
Item No. MS-PKMS6EMB23/2
Brand MXS Custom

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


RS4 50cc (after 2011 - D50B0 Euro 3)

RS 50cc (D50B0) - 2006 - 2011

RX 50 (as from 2006 D50B1)

RX Enduro 50cc (D50B0) - after 2006

SX SM 50cc (D50B0) - after 2006


Astro Enduro 50cc (DERBI)

Lobito SM 50cc (DERBI)


Derbi Special Comp.

GPR 50cc (1998 - 2001)

GPR 50cc Nude 2004 (EBS050)

GPR 50cc Nude 2005 2011 (D50B0 Euro 3)

GPR 50cc R - Replica (2001 - 2004)

GPR 50cc Racing 2004 (EBS050)

GPR 50cc Racing 2005 - 2011 (D50B0 Euro3)

GPR 50cc after 2012

Senda 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda 2000 50cc (before 2004) - (perimeter) Euro2

Senda DRD PRO Racing SM(after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda DRD PRO SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda DRD SM (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda DRD SM (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2

Senda Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda Enduro 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2

Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda R DRD Enduro (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro2

Senda R DRD PRO Enduro (after 2005) -(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R DRD Racing Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R X-Race Trail (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda R X-Treme Enduro (after 2005)-(D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda SM 50cc (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda SM 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2

Senda X-Race 2000 (before 2004) - (perimeter)-Euro 2

Senda X-Race SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)

Senda X-Race Trail (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda X-Trem Enduro (before 2004)-(perimeter)-Euro 2

Senda X-Trem SM (before 2000) - (tubular)

Senda X-Trem SM (before 2004) - (perimeter) - Euro 2

Senda X-Treme SM (after 2005) - (D50B0 Euro 3)


GP Replica 50cc (DERBI)

GSM 50cc (DERBI)

[email protected] Euduro 50cc (DERBI)

RCR Enduro 50 (as from 2011 D50B0)

RCR Enduro 50 (until 2005 EBS050) (tubular)

RCR Enduro 50cc 2006 (D50B0) - (perimeter)

SMT SM 50 (2011-2012 D50B0 ZAPABB00)

SMT SM 50 (after 2013 D50B0 ZAPABB01)

SMT SM 50cc (DERBI) - (tubular)

SMT SM 50cc 2006 (D50B0) - (perimeter)

Sioux Enduro 50cc (Derbi)

Zulu Enduro 50cc (DERBI)

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