Stage6 Cylinder Kit "StreetRace" 70cc cast iron Yamaha Neo's / Ovetto

Stage6 Item no.: S6-7216650

Stage6 Cylinder Kit "StreetRace" 70cc cast iron Yamaha Neo's / Ovetto

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Stage6 70cc Cast Iron Cylinder Kit "StreetRace" for Minarelli horizontal AC (10mm). 

The cylinder is made of cast iron and has 6 transfer ports and a simple oval exhaust port. Cast iron cylinders are reliable and powerful and an affordable alternative to pricier aluminium cylinders. It comes with a 2-ring piston with a 10mm piston pin, the cylinder head is made of aluminium. Also includied is a gasket kit with all the gaskets you need for mounting this cylinder.

Powerful and durable at the same time, this top quality cylinder will boost performance and last you a long time. To exploit the full potential of this kit, we recommend combining it with a minimum 17,5mm carburetor and a sports / mid-race exhaust (such as the Stage6 Pro Replica), or a racing exhaust for higher rpms (we recommend the Yasuni R); with the right set-up, this kit can produce 10 – 13hp, with maximum speeds around 10,000rpm.

Details : 

  • displacement: 70cc
  • bore: 47mm
  • 2-ring piston
  • pin: 10mm
  • material: cast iron
  • cylinder head: aluminium
  • homologation: no

Data Sheet

Name Stage6 Cylinder Kit "StreetRace" 70cc cast iron Yamaha Neo's / Ovetto
Item No. S6-7216650
Brand Stage6
Homologation No
Displacement 70cc
Stroke Original
Conrod Length Standard
Product Line Sport
Material Cast Iron
Engine Type 2-stroke
Cooling Type AC
Bore 47,6 mm
Piston Pin Original
Number of Piston Rings 2
Cylinder Head Included

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