Stage6 Tuning Kit "Sport" 50cc cast iron MBK Booster / Stunt

MXS Custom Item no.: MS-PKMS650FONTE

Stage6 Tuning Kit "Sport" 50cc cast iron MBK Booster / Stunt


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We assembled a tuning kit ideal for everyday use for you: the Stage6 50cc Tuning Kit MBK Booster / Stunt (street-legal). Essential components needed for maximum power and reliability, combined as a kit for a very good price.


The kit includes:


With these components, you can get appr. 7hp - which is about 3hp more than with the original set-up! Moreover, fuel consumption will remain within reasonable bounds because of the 17.5mm carburetor included in the kit so you can ride your scooter every day.


To get even more out of this kit, we recommend using several jets and weights (between 4g and 6g) to find the best adjustment for your engine. You'll have to install slightly harder clutch springs and torque spring to optimize your variator.

Data Sheet

Name Stage6 Tuning Kit "Sport" 50cc cast iron MBK Booster / Stunt
Brand MXS Custom
Homologation Yes
Stroke Original
Conrod Length Standard
Engine Type 2-stroke

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

Adly (Her Chee)

Rapido 50cc


Amico 50cc AC (1991 - 1992)

Amico 50cc ac (after 1993)

Amico GL 50cc AC

Amico Sport 50cc AC

SR 50cc AC (before 1994) - Minarelli vertical


Pista 2 50cc AC

Pista 50cc AC

Scoop 50cc


Booster 50cc AC (1992 - 1999)

Booster 50cc AC (after 2004)

Booster Next 50cc AC (after 1999)

Booster Next 50cc AC (before 1999)

Booster One 50cc until 2013

Booster Rocket 50cc AC

Booster Spirit 50cc AC (before 2004)

Booster Track 50cc AC

Stunt 50cc AC

Stunt 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

Stunt Naked 50cc AC


BW's 50cc AC

BW's 50cc AC (after 2004)

BW's Bump 50cc AC

BW's Easy 50cc 2013

BW's NG 50cc AC (after 1999)

BW's NG 50cc AC (before 1999)

BW's Spy 50cc AC

Slider 50cc AC (before 2004)

Slider 50cc AC CAT (after 2004)

Spy 50cc

Target 50cc

Zuma 50cc AC

Zuma II 50cc AC

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