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Technolit Cold Spray

Technolit Item no.: TL860003

Technolit Cold Spray

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Cold spray is an essential aid for shrink-fitting crankshafts and bearings by taking advantage of thermal shrinkage and expansion of materials. Simply heat the cases with a heat gun, then apply the cold spray on the bearings and watch slide in with ease. Then heat the cases with the bearings, cool the crank down and there you go. Much better than thrashing away with a hammer. 

You can use the spray for other applications: cold start simulations, removing chewing gum, etc.

Attention: Achieves temperatures as low as -45°; improper use may cause frostbite!!!

Data Sheet

Name Technolit Cold Spray
Item No. TL860003
Brand Technolit
Use Lubricant
product datasheet / securitysheet Download
amount (ml) 500

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