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Top Performances 70cc Tuning Kit Due Plus Minarelli AM6


Top Performances 70cc Tuning Kit Due Plus Minarelli AM6


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Have a look at this fantastic Top Performances 70cc Due Plus Tuning Kit for Minarelli AM6 with an incredible combination of power and reliability bound to impress even the most demanding riders.  

The kit includes:

There’s no need to introduce the famous pink Top Performances Due Plus 70cc cylinder, it continues to be one of the best racing cylinders on the market. We combined it with some select items to unlock its full potential.

We picked a Stage6 Street Race 2 Exhaust with excellent performance throughout the entire power range. Last but not least we added a MotoForce Racing Carburetor 24mm PWK and a Barikit adjustable Intake Manifold 28mm for optimum response whenever you hit the gas.

What we compiled here is a simple, but very efficient and powerful engine set-up, you can trust our experience!  

Note: this carburetor does not feature an auto-lube system, you will need to use premixed fuel/oil mixture.

Data Sheet

Name Top Performances 70cc Tuning Kit Due Plus Minarelli AM6
Brand MXS Custom
Homologation No
Displacement 78cc
Stroke Original
Conrod Length Standard
Product Line Racing
Material Cast Iron
Bore 50 mm
Piston Pin Original

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


MX 50cc (AM6)

RX 50cc (AM6)

Special Engine AM6


RR-T Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR-T SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR 50cc Motard

RR Alu Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

RR Alu SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

RR Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RR SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

Fantic Motor

Caballero SM 50cc


Trigger SM 50cc (AM6)

Trigger X-Enduro 50cc (AM6)


Cre/Baja Enduro 50cc (version 2006) AM6

Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2005) AM6

Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2006) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2005) AM6

Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2006) AM6


CH Racing 50cc (AM6)

SM Cross 50cc (AM6)


X-Limit Enduro 50cc (after 2003) AM6 (perimeter)

X-Limit Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

X-Limit SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 - (perimeter)

X-Limit SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)


Drakon Naked 50cc (AM6)

XSM Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003)

XTM Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (after 2003)


Furia Max Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

RX Super Racing 50cc (AM6)

RYZ Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)


XP6-Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)

XP6-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (tubular)


XPS-Enduro 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

XPS-Street EVO2 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)

XPS-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) - (perimeter)


MRT 50cc

MRT 50cc Pro

MRT 50cc Pro SM

MRT 50cc SM

MRX Enduro 50cc Pro (AM6)

MRX Euduro 50cc (AM6)

RR Enduro 50cc (AM6)

SMX SM 50cc (AM6)

SMX SM 50cc Pro (AM6)

Spike 2 50cc (AM6)


Enduro 50cc (AM6)

Enduro SHARK 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard Champion Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard IPONE Replica 50cc (AM6)

Supermotard Shark 50cc (AM6)


DTR Enduro 50cc (after 2003) AM6 - (perimeter)

DTR Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

DTX SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 - (perimeter)

DTX SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 - (tubular)

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  1. Barikit

    Barikit Intake Manifold adjustable for 28mm carburetor ...

    In Stock - Same Day Dispatch for orders placed before 2pm.
    Adjustable intake manifold with vacuum port for Minarelli AM6 by Spanish manufacturer Barikit. For 28mm carburetors. Gasket and clamps are included. d= 28mm Learn More


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  2. MotoForce Racing

    MotoForce Carburetor RACING PWK24 incl. power jet

    Not available.
    Motoforce Racing carburetors PWK for replacing Stage6 carburetors. They are identical in terms of quality. They have 49mm air filter and 35mm manifold connections. Vacuum and fuel port, but no oil injection port. 24mm - main jet 110, pilot jet 40, power jet 32. Learn More

    MotoForce Racing

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  3. Top Performances

    Top Performances Cylinder Kit "Due Plus" 70cc...

    In Stock - Same Day Dispatch for orders placed before 2pm.
    Here at Maxiscoot we carry the famous pink "Due Plus" - the Top Performances 70cc Cast Iron Cylinder Kit "Due Plus" AM6 with modular cylinder head, perfect cylinder for pilots who are looking for maximum performance with a reliable cast iron engine. The Top Performances 70cc Cast Iron Cylinder Kit ""Due Plus"" AM6 includes: - 70cc Cast Iron Cylinder, with 5 transfer ports and oval exhaust port  - One-Ring Piston, d = 49.5mm - Modular Cylinder Head for improved cooling - Gasket Set for mounting Learn More

    Top Performances

    Maxiscoot price:



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  4. Stage6

    Stage6 Silencer black

    In Stock - Same Day Dispatch for orders placed before 2pm.
    Stage6 replacement silencer for Stage6 Pro Replica + Street Race 2 exhausts. Black Aluminium. Learn More


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  5. Stage6

    Stage6 Exhaust StreetRace 2 aluminium Derbi Senda /Yama...

    Shippable in 6 week(s).
    Stage6 is rolling out their first exhaust line for geared mopeds / gearshifters, the Stage6 Exhaust Street Race 2 Derbi Senda & Yamaha DT. The expansion chamber is made of rolled and welded sheet metal and comes with a (black) aluminium silencer. As always with Stage6 products, quality of materials, workmanship and finishing are flawless and your ride will be upgraded in looks and performance. The Street Race 2 is most powerful at mid to high rpm range, acceleration is impressive. Best suited for 50cc and 70cc sports and racing cylinders. To get the most out of this exhaust, we recommend combining it with a 19mm carburetor (minimum). Also included are bracket, clamp and everything else necessary to mount the exhaust on supermotards with AM6, Derbi euro 2 and Derbi Euro3 engines. Note: the connection for AM6 engines is 28mm, this means it can't be used with the original cylinder! Aluminium or black aluminium silencer Street-legal Learn More


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