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Yasuni Exhaust

Yasuni Exhaust

All Yasuni exhausts, and some yet unknown ones! Dozens of different models!

Whether it’s for a scooter or a moped, our comprehensive Yasuni exhaust selection is now available for you in our online shop. We’ve got more basic models such as the Yasuni Z exhaust with its aluminium silencer or the more upgrade Yasuni C exhaust with its Kevlar silencer, and even gear such as the Carrera for mopeds. We can also deliver C exhausts for tuned engines, namely the Yasuni C20, the C21 and the renowned C30, which is comparable to the MHR Team or the R1400 by Stage6. The Yasuni C30 exhaust is Yasuni's best product in our opinion and is very popular for scooter racing.

  • Yasuni scooter and moped exhausts

    All of Yasuni’s gear here at Maxiscoot.com.
  • Yasuni C30 racing exhausts

    Their best products, exclusively at Maxiscoot
  • Racing or tuning finish – it's up to you

    Opt for a polished aluminium finish or for ultra-light carbon.
  • Yasuni exhaust accessories

    Delivered with EU-certificate, nuts, bolts and accessories.

It's time for a Yasuni exhaust

Get your drill out and roll up your sleeves: it’s time for you to get busy with the really important things in life. Maxiscoot.com carries a mind-blowing selection of high-end parts, in this case originating in the racing scene and developed in cooperation with big engine manufacturers. Yasuni exhausts are welded by hand and made of thin sheet metal; each exhaust is a bit of an artwork really. Yasuni exhausts are designed for the road as far as the Z and R series are concerned and the same applies to the Carrera 20/21 and 30 series. These are available for both mopeds and scooters, little engineering gems waiting for you so they can ramp up your engine and give wings to your ride.


If you want really want to get into tuning, it is really important to also have some knowledge about the best manufacturers when it comes to scooter equipment. In case you know a bit more, you will agree with us when we say Yasuni exhausts are impressive products with flawless quality and built to bring you lots of fun. Any exhaust sold by us has to meet a number of requirements and all exhausts have been tested by Maxiscoot before being sold in the Racing or Hyper Racing section at Maxiscoot.com, where you can also find those Yasuni exhausts. If you have doubts about the manufacturing or technological quality of Yasuni exhausts, feel free to test ride them on our premises and inform yourself on our online forums in order to learn more.

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