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70cc Kit

All 70cc kits available on the market, all brands, everything

If your 50cc’s output doesn’t make you happy any more, just go for the next level, with more speed, more HP and more fun by choosing a 70cc kit. We’ve got 70cc kits in cast iron for endurance-type uses and for all sorts of pilots and race track fanatics. For speed freaks and other ambitious pilots, we got the biggest aluminium single-ring piston 70cc kits on the market, featuring brands such as Stage6 Racing, Cristofolini and MXS Racing, which have been designed for extreme racing and which we are the exclusive distributers of.

  • 70cc Kits with single-ring piston

    70cc cylinders with the best performance available.
  • 70cc air / liquid cooled kits

    Whatever you’re riding, we got the right cylinder.
  • The newest state-of-the-art 70cc kits

    We got all the kits, and we test them on our P4 bench.
  • Dozens of different 70cc kits

    We have a excellent selection of products!

Become part of the scooter elite!

One of the simplest solutions for effecting a considerable increase in HP of your scooter or moped is to switch to a better cylinder. We give you the possibility to do exactly that by offering you the widest selection of cylinders and 70cc kits out there. A cylinder is essential to the performance of your vehicle; the right choice will positively change the overall behaviour of your scooter, provided that the exhaust system and the carburettor are also adjusted. No need to panic of course, we’ve got all these things in stock, and for a decent price, too! Our 70cc kits are not street-legal, however, but they allow you to win on the race track, be it UFOLEP endurance races, or races organised by our mates over at Scooter Power or German races organised by the DSSC.


Apart from impressing your friends with wheelies every time you give it some gas, the installation of a 70cc kit is more useful and its uses go far beyond that. You can become part of the racing community, and in general they offer a new vision for setting up your scooter. Imagine riding your little scooter at 90-100 mph, wouldn't that be awesome? You will most likely have to alter your chassis though, which will get you even more into the tuning game, which is a lot of fun. To switch to racing is not just fun and games, it represents a different approach to understanding the set-up of a two-stroke engine. Our 70cc kits can be tested on our P4 test bench, which will help you to control the new power your ride will develop once the kit is installed.

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