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80cc Cylinder Kits

Discover our 80cc kits for AC or LC engines

From basic 80cc kits to racing cylinder kits destined for reaching new records on the race track to 80cc kits for mopeds, we carry absolutely everything you may think of. Of late, has started to develop their very own 80cc kits for both scooters and mopeds, the now famous MXS Racing cylinders! It’s time for you to get the bigger picture and to give your vehicle the best available gear by purchasing a cylinder tuning kit out of the excellent selection of 80cc kits which your favourite supplier has on offer.

  • The ultimate 80cc kits online

    All 80cc kits on the market.
  • Complete 80cc Kits for scooters

    Discover our cylinder- plus-crankshaft kits.
  • Stage6 80cc R/T kit

    The famous Stage6 kit, brought to you exclusively.
  • 80cc kits for scooters and mopeds

    A truly great 2-stroke selection!

Check our webshop's huge selection!

In addition to being able to supply you with a wide range of 80cc kits for scooters and mopeds, we can supply you with crankshafts to go with them. When switching to a new cylinder set-up, it is often necessary to change the crankshaft as well and install one which has a different connection rod and whose weight is more balanced. When you mount an 80cc kit, you will also need to modify your crankcase in order to install the new cylinder, but don't worry if you don't have the skills or if you simply prefer to have professional mechanics to do it, leave the tuning of your engine to us and consider it done.


Do keep in mind that upgrading an engine to a racing engine is not a matter to be taken lightly, which is why Maxiscoot can and will provide you with advice in the process. The installation of a 80cc kit adds considerably more HP to your ride so you will have to think about how you want to perfect your newly modified engine. We recommend purchasing spare parts that will help you with this, for example from our online shop. The 80cc kits we sell have been manufactured by the biggest names in the industry: Malossi, Polini, Stage6, Metrakit, but also 2Fast, Cristofolini, and last but not least MXS Racing – our very own line of modular 80cc cylinders. Please visit and become part of the big family of scooter tuning aficionados, combining passion with know-how and never quitting the game!

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