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Airsal | Standard and Performance Cylinder Kits |



kit cylindre airsal

Spanish foundry "Airsal" specializes in aluminium cylinders. It offers several products lines under the Airsal brand, but also for other companies. Airsal is actually producing more than 14,000 units (cylinder kits, spares etc.) every month.
Airsal benefits from its nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing cylinders for scooters and mopeds. The Airsal company is currently seen as one of the field's greatest achievers by experts.

Each cylinder coming out of Airsal's production has to undergo - and pass - a full range of quality tests. And Airsal can produce and design any kind of cylinder, from standard 49.9cc replacement units up to high end racing components.




Kiesler | High Performance and Tuning Parts |


KieslerJante large Kiesler

Small, Germany-based company Kiesler designs and produces all kinds of small parts for 50cc scooters. Originally part of the racing world, Kiesler won many championships and races and is still entrenched in that world. One of its most famous products is the wide rim kit, generally used for drag racing. In addition, Kiesler produces a variety of parts, generally aimed at increasing or improving the vehicle's performance and tuning options. One of its other well-known parts is the intake spacer, allowing more freedom in carburetor and intake positioning that can sometimes be required for very specific and cross-platform applications. Kiesler products are up to the highest quality standards in the market.





Koso | Precision Meters and Instruments |


Compteur Koso RX1NKoso

Koso is a Taiwanese company, designing top of the line multimeters as well as tires for 2-wheelers. Koso multimeters have been a huge success and still remain the reference point to be measured against in this particular field. They can be used on all kinds of 2-wheelers, scooters, mopeds up to larger sportsbikes. One of the reasons why Koso meters are so successful is that in addition to their outstanding quality and precision, Koso managed to keep the prices affordable for virtually anyone.

This philosophy helped Koso gain their current reputation and place among the major designers and manufacturers of 2-wheel accessories.