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Battery Charger smart 12V - 1500mA

Item no.: B321923

Battery Charger smart 12V - 1500mA

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Battery Charger 12V - 1500mA smart 8-stage charger for motorcycle and scooter batteries. Even the weakest battery can be recharged with this charger. This automatic charger is controlled via a microprocessor and runs through several charging stages:

  1. pre-charge check
  2. rejuvenation via high frequency pulsing
  3. soft start
  4. full charge until maximum voltage is reached
  5. absorption
  6. battery test
  7. float charge / maintaining charge

The charger will switch off automatically after the battery is fully charged and the charge is maintained; this way, the risk of overcharging the battery is eliminated. The charger is also protected against short-circuiting, internal overheating and reverse polarity connection faults.


  • battery types: Gel cell, acid and others
  • for ± 80Ah batteries
  • folding hook for storing
  • connection cords are included (alligator clips and ring terminal)
  • homologated / CE

Data Sheet

Name Battery Charger smart 12V - 1500mA
Item No. B321923
Brand Various

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