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BCD | High Quality Body Parts |

Coques BCD pour booster

BCD, Bois Carbone Design


BCD is a French company specializing in plastic body parts for 50cc scooters. Their products are of excellent quality. The acronym BCD stands for "Bois Carbone Design” (Wood and Carbon Design). BCD specializes in designing and producing parts for scooter body customization.

BCD parts are characterized by sleek design and flawless manufacturing quality. The panels can be installed on the scooter's original mounts and will improve its look
significantly. But BCD designs are not showy and over the top, they could rather be described as parts perfecting a hypothetical factory produced sports/racing version of your ride. The finish is really outstanding and BCD panels became a huge hit since their appearance on the scooter scene. Actually, BCD equipped scooters are featured regularly in most renowned custom scene magazines.








SSP | Premium Custom Accessories |

                                            SSP, Stage6 styling parts


SSP is the styling division of famous brand “Stage6”. Quelques pièces SSPAs can be expected from Stage6, the quality is outstanding, on par with their already famous engine tuning parts. With an already excellent standing on the engine parts market, German manufacturer Stage6 decided to also confirm their position in customization.

The SSP products (for Stage6 Styling Parts) are characterized by their sleek design, high quality workmanship yet carefully avoiding the showy and unneeded bling touch. SSP parts are beautiful, well machined, and will complement all types of customizing projects. As Stage6 is in control of a large part of the manufacturing process and distribution, the brand decided to reduce the cost for the end customer rather than making extra profit, allowing virtually anyone to buy from their outstanding catalogue.

SSP parts are generally manufactured using the best technologies, ensuring a solid finishing and high-end overall quality and durability.
SSP is becoming the brand for those who are after the best look but who don't want to spend their whole savings on it.