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Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber YXB Vespa LX / S 125 - 150cc

Bitubo Item no.: BIT-SC186YXB01

Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber YXB Vespa LX / S 125 - 150cc


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We carry numerous OEM, OEM quality as well as tuning and performance parts so you can restore and maintain your Vespa, modern or vintage, with top quality equipment.

Shock absorbers are definitely among the most important components on your 2-wheeler. Italian manufacturer Bitubo is a well-known brand we can definitely recommend. This Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber YXB Vespa LX / S 125 - 150cc is a HQ shock absorber with several adjustment options.

The YXB shock absorber is made of HQ steel alloy, with CNC-machined bottom and top mounts and double spring system (red / black) for added riding comfort and suspension. Definitely an eye-catcher, for a distinct racing look.

It is a mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorber with dividing piston (to separate fluid / oil and gas) and progressive double spring. Spring pre-load is continuously adjustable, depending on weight, intended use and personal preferences. Handling and controlling your scooter is considerably improved.

For Vespa LX / S 125 - 150cc.
Coilover shock absorber, rear.
Sport / light tuning.

Data Sheet

Name Bitubo Rear Shock Absorber YXB Vespa LX / S 125 - 150cc
Item No. BIT-SC186YXB01
Brand Bitubo

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:


Vespa LXV 150cc 05-09 (Leader - ZAPM44)


LX 125cc 4-stroke AC i.e. 09 - 11 ZAPM68100

LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 08 ZAPM44300

LX 125cc 4T AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44100

LX 125cc 4T AC i.e. after 12 ZAPM68300

LX 150cc 4-stroke AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44400

LX 150cc 4T AC after 06 ZAPM44200

LX 150cc 4T AC i.e. after 12 ZAPM68100

LXV 125cc 4-stroke AC i.e. after 11 ZAPM68102

LXV 125cc 4T AC 06 - 09 ZAPM44301

S 125cc 4T AC 3V i.e. after 12 ZAPM68301

S 125cc 4T AC after 07 ZAPM44302

S 125cc 4T AC i.e. after 09 ZAPM68101

S 150cc 4T AC 08 - 09 ZAPM44402

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