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Booster 70cc

Looking for an MBK Booster 70cc cylinder kit?

Many of you ride a Booster or a Booster 70cc. Over the years, the Booster and its twin brother, the BW, never ceased to change their look to stay in tune with current fashions and designs. As far as the engine is concerned, the latest spade of European emission standards have forced manufacturers to significantly restrict the engine and by doing so reduce the performance of environmentally friendly 50cc vehicles. Many people identify with their scooter up to a point where they no longer use them for commuting purposes only, and that inevitably leads to the discovery of scooter tuning.

  • 70cc Cast Iron Sports Kits for Booster

    Malossi, Polini, Top Performances, Motoforce and more!
  • 70cc Aluminium Sports Kit for Booster

    Airsal and MXS Racing!
  • 70cc Cast Iron Racing Kit for Booster

    Polini, Top Performances, Parmakit and Barikit.
  • 70cc Aluminium Racing Kit for Booster

    Stage6, Top Performances, Polini, Malossi and more.
  • 70cc Hyper Racing Kit for Booster

    Malossi, MXS Racing, Polini, Parmakit and Barikit.

Products for every conceivable use

Most of the time, the first step when modifying your engine is the installation of a new cylinder kit. Our Booster 70cc kits are very popular, due to the considerable increase in HP involved. Our online shop has a great selection of Booster 70cc kits for all budgets and purposes. They come in three different categories: Sport, Racing and Hyper Racing, in cast iron and in aluminium respectively, so as to suit every conceivable intended use. They come in 10mm and 12mm pin versions and have been designed by renowned manufacturers such as MXS Racing, Stage6, Malossi, Polini and Top Performances, guaranteeing maximum performance and reliability! All our 70cc sports kits include cylinders that favour low rpm range and acceleration, and are thus ideal for endurance races. Due to their manufacturing quality and great reliability, they will satisfy even the most demanding riders. Our Booster 70cc racing kits favour a swift change of gears and swift acceleration, ideal for everyday road use, with minimum maintenance and top performance.


Our Booster 70cc Hyper Racing kits include racing cylinders exclusively. The cylinders are made of aluminium and have 6 or 7 transfer ports and a re-worked exhaust port, a piston with 1 piston ring and a high-compression cylinder head -  these kits are the state-of-the-art in terms of gaining more HP! We offer tuning services for our Booster 70cc kits for those who seek even more HP and top speed. If you’re interested, please send us an email to and tell us the cylinder kit in question, we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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