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Booster 80cc

Looking for a Booster 80cc cylinder kit?

Small, easy to handle and very light, the Booster is a very popular scooter, especially in France. When leaving the factory, Boosters are not really built for racing given their small displacement and the various restraints imposed on the engine, preventing them to reach their full potential. We want you to have your racing debut without having to spend too much and that's why we offer excellent 80cc kits in our online-shop. Wouldn't you like to stand out from the crowd with a Booster 80cc kit which gets you more power and better acceleration?

  • Booster 80cc Racing Kit in aluminum

    80cc Sport Pro Cylinder and Cylinder Head by Athena.
  • Booster 80cc Hyper Racing Kit

    85cc GP1 Cylinder and Cylinder Head by Parmakit.

Booster 80cc Racing

Do not wait any longer and go for one of our Booster 80cc kits which can be found on, for very attractive prices. These are strictly meant for the race track and for racing. Our 80cc kits have been designed and manufactured by the biggest names in the industry, renowned for top quality and long experience.


Maxiscoot presents the 80cc Athena kit 43mm ‘Long Stroke’ for your Booster. The kit includes an aluminium cylinder which has been treated with Nikasil, with 5 transfer ports and a trapezoidal exhaust port, a piston with 1 piston ring and 12mm pin, a high-compression cylinder head as well as the gaskets, nuts and bolts required for installation. This Booster 80cc cylinder kit features the technical characteristics of the 70cc Sport Pro cylinder, the latter can only be mounted with a 43mm racing crankshaft. This kit will increase torque in mid-rpm range and during acceleration. Athena’s 80cc Booster kit represents best value for money.

Spanish manufacturer Parmakit has developed one of the rare kits sporting a displacement of more than 70cc for vertical Minarelli engines. This cylinder/cylinder head kit includes a 43mm 85cc racing cylinder head for MBK Booster and an aluminium cylinder with a 50mm diameter and a 90mm connecting rod with 6 transfer ports and a simple oval-shaped exhaust port, a piston with 1 piston ring and a 12mm pin as well as a high-compression cylinder head. The Parmakit 85cc GP 1 is for racing only and has the largest displacement for vertical Minarelli engines available on the market. Thanks to its powerful torque in mid-rpm range, this cylinder is on top of the Hyper Racing game. We offer tuning services for our Booster 80cc kits for those who seek even more HP and top speed. If you’re interested, please send us an email to and tell us the cylinder kit in question, we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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