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Booster Scooter

The MBK Booster or Yamahe BW's are the most popular scooters in Europe. Since their release in 1992 , they only had a few cosmetic changes - except for the 2004 version which has a completely new design. Boosters and BW's use a vertical Minarelli air cooled engine; this engine is not very powerful in its standard version but has a lot of torque, allowing decent acceleration right out of the box.

booster scooter

This explains why Boosters are often used for stunts . But if you want to improve your Booster, there are a lot of parts avalaible for both look and performance.
Because of their fairly light weight and agility they can achieve excellent results both in standing starts or on a racetrack.
Obviously, the engine has its limitations. But it is quite easy to install a horizontal Minarelli liquid-cooled engine on a MBK Nitro or Mach G . Some even go out of their way and put in the extra work and mount a Piaggio engine. has a great selection of tuning and performance parts for the Booster, but using the Nitro engine on this framework can transform this classic scooter into a competitive beast .
As for now, the Stage6 racing cylinder and the Malossi Hyper Racing cylinder kit are the best cylinders kits for vertical Minarelli engines.
Regarding exhaust systems, we really like the Metrakit SP and Doppler S3R .
Basically, if there's a part you want for your Booster, we have it.