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Booster Tuning

Want to tune your Booster? You don't have to look around any longer!

With our help you'll be able to transform your street ride into a racer! You will find everything you may need for tuning your Booster on, whatever your needs and wants are. Whether you simply fancy a light modification of your Booster or whether you want to increase HP as much as possible, we have got loads of parts for all purposes. We’ve got Stage6, MXS Racing, Yasuni, Bidalot and Malossi, and all other  relevant brands.


  • Numerous High-End Cylinders

    From 50cc cast iron to 70cc aluminium hyper racing.
  • Matching Exhaust Systems

    No tuning without replacing the exhaust!
  • Vario Parts from standard to oversized

    Malossi Overange or Stage6 R/T, we got them all.
  • Carburetors for small money

    All sizes and models available.
  • Ignitions for everyone

    Ignitions with internal or external rotor.

Complete product range

The variety of Booster tuning parts available at Maxiscoot is amazing and suits all budgets. As far as regular road use is concerned, we’ve got many different cylinders in cast iron, 50cc and 70cc. Your Booster tuning is not going to be successful if not accompanied by an approved and certified exhaust matching your new cylinder. Having sorted that, you’re left with individual aesthetic decisions. As far as the variator is concerned, we’ve got the biggest names for very competitive prices, which will give your original engine a noticeable boost in performance. Your Booster tuning will then have to deal with the intake system by for example installing a Stage6 Big Valve in combination with a 19mm carburettor which will increase speed, HP and performance without leading to higher gas consumption. Of course we did not forget the more demanding tuning fans among you, those who seek a constant and unlimited increase of performance.


Our MXS shop carries 50cc to 80cc aluminium racing cylinder kits. One of the most renowned and popular 70cc cylinders kits is the MXS Racing kit, with a performance so far unmatched. The exhaust system of the same line should be added to that if you want to get the best possible result. We also have super robust 50cc aluminium cylinders from Stage6, and Athena offers a 80cc cylinder with excellent torque. These cylinders have to be combined with reinforced crankshafts such as the Stage6 HPC, the Doppler Endurance or the Malossi RHQ; three different brands which are all excellent choices when tuning your Booster. A carburettor up to 30mm with a power jet will provide the engine with the usual fuel/air mix and at the same time ensure top performance and optimum cooling of your engine. Your original ignition can be replaced with a better one featuring an internal rotor, be it analogous such as the Malossi MHR or be it  digital such as the Stage6, the Bidalot Factory or the Conti Neutrino. All of these will allow you to perfect and complete your Booster tuning.

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