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Helmets | Safety & Customizing|

Scooter Helmets

Your helmet is one of the most important part you buy when riding a scooter. It can make the difference between being sound and safe - and being injured in the wrong place. Make sure you choose a good helmet in the right size and with official homologation.

When deciding for how much you want to spend for a helmet, ask yourself how much you think your life and safety are worth? Don't let yourself get hurt by skimping on a few bucks.

When riding on your scooter, it's important that you wear your helmet at all times, it's not really useful if it's hanging around your elbow or on the top part of your head either, wear it properly, strap it. Not wearing a helmet will not make you look cool, unless you're into making friends with really stupid people.

Every day, every month, every year, lives are broken because someone thought it would be cool to ride without a helmet. These tragedies can be avoided. If you're a teenager, and your parents trust you by letting you own and ride a scooter or a motorcycle, be fair and wear your helmet at all times, respect the other drivers and road signs, respect the speed limit and ride as a responsible person, not as an idiot who doesn't care or know better.




Customizing | Pimp Your Ride |


So you want to customise your scooter? You better get started, picking the best styling accessories. We have a wide selection of styling parts, from small accessories up to high end body panels, allowing you to really transform your ride. Keep in mind that some accessories might not be road-legal and could be designed for closed track only. Make sure you keep your mirros or use appropriate replacements, and keep your indicator colors straight as well.

Styling parts will help you achieve a distinct and unique look for your scooter.