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MXS Exhaust GP90 2014 incl. universal flange Minarelli AM6

MXS Racing Item no.: MS-PKMXS385AM6

MXS Exhaust GP90 2014 incl. universal flange Minarelli AM6


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Data Sheet
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MXS Exhaust GP90 2014 including universal flange for Minarelli AM6, available for a very attractive price!

This is a top-of-the-line “Hyper Racing” exhaust. The expansion chamber is made of thin sheet metal using a special highly accurate manufacturing technique and protected by a clear coat, it comes with an aluminium silencer.

A lot of attention was paid to designing and perfecting shape and volume of these exhausts to perfectly match our MXS GP90 cylinders.

The exhaust flange included in this kit will allow mounting this exhaust with any other cylinder with a standard AM6 connection.

These high performance exhausts are particularly powerful when combined with 86cc to 95cc “Hyper Racing” cylinders.

  • MXS Exhaust GP90 version 2014 for Minarelli AM6
  • Clear coat body, aluminium silencer
  • Exhaust flange d=32mm
  • Low mount
  • Not street-legal

Data Sheet

Name MXS Exhaust GP90 2014 incl. universal flange Minarelli AM6
Item No. MS-PKMXS385AM6
Brand MXS Racing
Homologation No
Product Line Hyper racing
Flange Diameter 32 mm

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  1. MXS Racing

    MXS Exhaust Flange GP 90 AM6

    Not available.
    Universal Flange Adapter for MXS exhaust GP90 AM6 for an excellent price.This adapter will allow you to mount the MXS exhaust GP90 on any 86cc / 95cc "Hyper Racing" cylinder with AM6 engine. That means you can use this fantastic exhaust with any cylinder you like.Details:Inner diameter: 32mm Outer diameter: 35mmHeight: 45mm Learn More

    MXS Racing

    Item no.: MXS385101

    Maxiscoot price:


    You save:

  2. MXS Racing

    MXS Exhaust GP90 AM6 / Derbi

    Not available.
    Maxiscoot and MXS Racing (Maxiscoot's racing department) proudly present the result of many years of development: the MXS Exhaust GP90 AM6 Derbi! And, as a matter of course, to be had for a very good price! This exhaust is a high quality "Hyper Racing" exhaust. The body is made of sheet metal using a special, highly accurate manufacturing technique, protected by a clear coat and comes with an aluminium silencer. Special attention was paid to its volume to develop the perfect match for the MXS GP 2 90cc cylinder. Now, after many tests, we managed to design an exhaust that's incredibly powerful when combined with 86cc to 95cc "Hyper Racing" cylinders. With our adapter flange (sold separately), you can mount this exhaust with standard Derbi and Minarelli cylinders (with 2 screws). MXS GP90 Exhaust AM6 / Derbi Clear coat, aluminium silencer 4-screw flange for MXS GP 90cc cylinder Can be mounted on most Derbi and Minarelli engines Learn More

    MXS Racing

    Item no.: MXS385

    Maxiscoot price:


    You save:

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