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Conti | Performance Parts |





The brand was created by Luigi Conti and is part of the Ariete Production group. 

kit cylindre Conti CHR

Conti produces many custom and engine parts for 50cc vehicles. There are two product ranges, CRX and CHR (for Conti Hyper Racing). Conti is one of the brands typically used in the modern moped and scooter scene. Since the 80s, Conti is producing high-performance engine parts and accessories for 50cc scooters, mopeds and 50cc motorcycles. Benefiting of Ariete production's significant distribution network, Conti has established itself as one of the major brands of the French custom and racing scene.
In recent years, Conti has also developed the "CHR" product range (standing for "Conti Hyper Racing"), which specializes in high end parts, boasting incredible performance.







Opticparts DF | Customization |


Opticparts DF

Repose pieds Opticparts DF

Since 2001, German manufacturer Opticparts DF specializes in custom parts for scooters. In February 2001, the first aluminium footrests for Gilera Runner came out of Opticparts DF factory. Since then, Opticparts DF has had much success and made its mark in the European scooter custom scene.
With an eye to design trends and top quality materials, Opticparts DF is a good example for renowned German quality craftsmanship.
Opticparts DF's catalogue is continually growing, covering more and more aftermarket parts for scooters, further improving design and quality.





Buzzetti | HQ Tools |


Arrache Volant Buzetti



Buzzetti has been producing moped and scooter parts and tools for over 85 years! Oreste Buzzetti, Italian blacksmith, founded the Buzzetti company back in 1925. Since then the brand has grown while remaining in the same field - producing metallic parts and tools. Buzzetti has almost a century of expertise and passion embodied in their high quality parts. Buzzetti tools are particularly suited to specific tasks on mopeds and other 2-stroke vehicles.