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Custom scooter | A way of life |

Custom scooter

Scooter, almost by definition, are machine with a strong aesthetic potential. It is also, in terms of technology, a formidable vehicle for those who look for raw and powerful sensations. It is not, as some claim, the poor cousin of the motorbike, it is simply not designed for or catering to the same crowd.
The scooter represents a custom lifestyle, a mindset, a way of being and a way of expressing yourself. A scooter can be a customizing artwork, a beast on the race track ... or both! Here at Maxiscoot, we talk scooter, we eat scooter (no we don't actually eat scooters), we sleep scooter with each breath, move or word. And we can't really imagine a scooter to remain factory standard.

Like the painter who expresses himself on a canvas, a customizing enthusiast will change their machine to express their tastes, emotions, desires or dreams. A custom scooter is an object being modified, day after day after day, to be cherished, watched after and to be proud of. It is also an ideal way to become familiar with the mechanics and for some to find their vocation. A scooter is also, for many, a form of freedom, independence, new horizons. It seems natural then that given this tremendous lifestyle oriented “tool”, somehow we use it to reflect our state of mind or our identity. The custom scooter, some may find it futile, useless, others choose to live it. The scooter customizing also involves a family, a community, with rivalries and competition, a daily challenge, challenges that lead the best to find and overcome their own limitations or boundaries. Like many other activities for that matter, owning, building and riding a custom scooter will change you.

Even if mechanical preparation and upgrading is something to be reserved for on-track exclusive use, the boundaries of visual customization are constantly extended , new styles emerge every year and new teams appear every now and then, bringing in a healthy competition within the community.
At Maxiscoot, what we want is to always come up with something new, original, we believe that customizing has to be open for every enthusiast, everyone has a say and the wildest ideas tend to provide the greatest challenges and often the best results. Our online catalog is full of parts that can satisfy even the most demanding of you.
Go ahead and immerse yourself in our site, please visit our forum to have a look at the achievements of the most ambitious and talented artists, as well as those who are still working on their projects, having taken their machine completely apart in their garage. Watch MXS Customs latest projects, you might even start working on your scooter and end up with a crazy customized ride, who knows?