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Mopeds | Oldschool Feel |




Mopeds are part of the urban landscape in Europe since decades. Their history is pretty similar to the automotive industry and almost as old.

Just as the automobile scene, the moped custom scene is very widespread and people don't hesitate to customize their ride and improve their performance.

Due to the fact that it's been around for such a long time, the moped scene really had the time to develop cult classics, such as Piaggio's Vespa. During the years and all along the XXth century, mopeds have been associated to many activities and kinds of people.

Easy to maintain, easy to use, versatile are the moped's best attributes, but once you start adding the right parts, this small vehicle can become some seriously mean machine. Its transmission allows for great top speed and its size is a great advantage hwhen it comes to handling and braking.
Here at Maxiscoot, we really do have a soft spot for mopeds, most of our team grew up before the scooter boom, riding Peugeot 103s and MBK 51s all day, so it's only natural that we keep a decent stock of parts for these great machines in our catalogue.