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Dell'Orto | Carburetors |




Dell'Orto was founded in 1933 by Gaetano Dell'Orto, under the name "Società Anonima Gaetano Dell'Orto e Figli" (Gaetano Dell'Orto and Sons). Dell'Orto began by producing carburetors for motorcycle manufacturers, and shortly before the war, the company began to design aluminium racing carburetors for racing bikes.
During the 1960s, the company began to expand and started producing carburetors for both Italian and foreign major automotive manufacturers. This helped Dell'Orto gaining widespread recognition and achieving relative economical stability.

In the late 1980s, Dell'Orto began to build injection systems for motorcycles, allowing the company to establish itself as one of the undisputed leaders in this field.
Privileged partner of Italian Gilera, Dell'Orto equipped many teams participating in motorcycle racing world championships.
Dell'Orto now owns an Asian subsidiary Dell'Orto India, allowing the company to further expand into Asian markets.




NGK | Spark Plugs |



NGK was founded in 1919 and stayed in business since then although it only began producing high quality spark plugs in 1936, under the name "NGK Spark Plug Co". But it was only in the 70s that NGK began its expansion to become the world's leading spark plug manufacturer, as well as, through its NTK brand, the world's largest oxygen sensor manufacturer. The NGK logo is now amongst the most recognized logos in the automotive industry.

As for today NGK works for many automotive manufacturers, providing a good amount of cars with spark plugs. NGK now also produces a full range of high performance spark plugs, designed for the most powerful and tuned race cars. Most vehicles in almost all disciplines are equipped with NGK spark plugs, for both two- or four-wheeled vehicles. Due to this wide scope, the experience gained from racing has become really significant and brings NGK credibility and a very positive brand image.
As for today, NGK is undoubtedly the world leader in high performance spark plugs.