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Derbi | Scooters & 50cc Motorcycles |




Derbi (for "Derivados de Bicicletas" or "derivatives of bicycles") was founded in 1922 when Simon Rabasa i Singla opened a small bicycle rental and repair shop, the name wasn't yet Derbi, the shop name was "Bicicletas Rabas. It lasted until 1944, when Derbi first began producing bicycles and then gradually started to add engines.
Derbi's first production model, the 48cc SRS, was built from motorcycle elements, such as the gas tank. The SRS had an encouraging success and the brand became "Nacional Motor SA."
Derbi joined the Piaggio group in 2001, while benefiting from one structure with a solid international stature, Derbi never stopped evolving to the point of becoming, as for today, a solid and respected player in the 2 stroke 50cc industry.
Its most popular model is the Senda supermotard, versatile, reliable and performant, or the GPR, a street oriented version based on the same engine than the Senda. But Derbi also designs and produces scooters, such as the famous GP1, motorised with a 50cc Piaggio engine.







PGO | Scooters |




Taiwanese company PGO was founded in 1964. Between 1972 and 1982, PGO was working closely with another famous manufacturer, Piaggio. Then the Euro-Taiwanese trading company 

(EuroTai) became PGO's official importer, building a successful business strategy in collaboration with each other.
PGO philosophy is all about fun, and this philosophy is obvious in all of their projects and designs. Scooters, buggies and quads, each product is designed based on the fun it will provide to its owner. PGO also monitors manufacturing and assembling of their scooters. This policy ensures optimal quality and total control over the whole manufacturing and production process, and it also allows for  less compromises in terms of design. When it comes to value for money, PGO is definitely far ahead of their competitors.

PGO is also into racing and won titles such as the 500 ELBA International Rally championship in 1995 or the Paris scooter racing championship in 1998. The company also earned the ISO 9001 certification which attests to the general quality mangement of PGO products.
PGO scooters are now sold in 34 countries worldwide and the company never ceased to develop each and every day on the 50cc scooter market.