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Doppler | Customizing and Engine Parts |

Doppler venturiDoppler


Long-established branch of the CGN group, Doppler manufactures and markets many 50cc aftermarket parts. The engine components were partly designed by well-known engineer Mr. Didier Thomas. Doppler is recognized worldwide for its high quality scooter parts. The extensive catalogue offers a huge selection of pieces covering every aspect, from transmissions to exhausts or suspension. Doppler parts are also ranged in specific product lines, in order to fit each and every need.
Doppler is also a custom specialist, with an extensive choice of customizing accessories for all types of scooters. The brand is one of the few that covers pretty much everything, from the amateur everyday scooter rider, up to professional racers.





MVT | Standard & Performance Ignitions |


MVT, Matériel et valeurs technologiquesAllumage MVT

Created by Alain Godou, MVT (for Technological Materials and Value), now based in Spain, designs and markets high quality ignitions and, more recently, started to produce cylinders, crankshafts and exhausts, marketed as a product line named “Engine”. In 2009, MVT released a unique and innovative ignition, the Digital Direct. MVT has great experience and expertise in the 50cc scooter and motorcycle field.
MVT's extensive catalogue covers aftermarket parts for virtually all models available today. From standard replacement parts up to high end performance products, MVT quality is a force now recognized by all.





ONE Parts apart | Customizing parts |




Turbine One

One is an Italian tuning and custom parts specialist that also offers a range of standard replacement parts. The Story of “ONE, Parts apart”, began in the 60s with the founding of “CAMAMOTO”; Camamoto started out as a Piaggio and later also MBK dealer. But the emergence of the scooter custom scene in the early 2000 got them into thinking about design and style and producing aftermarket parts under their new own brand ONE.
Under the “ONE” brand, Camamoto is selling standard replacement parts as well as aftermarket visual customizing parts.