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Italkit | Performance Parts |



Italkit has a great knowledge in the engineering of 2- as well as 4-strokeAllumage Italkit Rotor interne selettra engines. The company is developing high quality products, always with a look to the future. Active participant in the racing world through its sponsorship program, Italkit is in a unique position to test their products under the toughest conditions in order to guarantee top performance and reliability.
Italkit is also renowned for always making use of the latest technologies and new materials. In the world of motorcycle and scooter tuning, Italkit can be considered one of the driving forces creating the environment for healthy competition and making sure to develop new products and cutting-edge technologies.








PVL | Standard & Racing Ignitions|



PVL is part of German company Dokutec GmbH. Created in the 90s, PVL specializes in ignitions for racing as well as for OEM standard equipment. Ignitions for 50cc scooters, mopeds and 50cc motorcycles do not pose any problem to the engineers at PVL, and all the products released by PVL display premium manufacturing quality.





Lennes | Customizing Parts |



Lennes is a German scooter tuning company. Their products focus on cosmetic parts boasting a rather unusual style. Lennes specializes in designing visual customizing parts for scooters. Their distinctive look gained Lennes a following fully convinced of the quality of this brand.
The relatively small catalogue is quickly expanding in order to cater to more scooter models.