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Cristofolini Kit | Racing Formula |


Cristofolini Kit


Team Cristofolini Racing (TCR) needs no introduction. Their products have their origins in the racing world and are tested directly on the race track. The Cristofolini team is involved in various events and at first, their parts weren't supposed to be for sale, but were only designed for their own machines. But with increasing demand and realizing the order of the day, the team finally decided to market some of their most sought after parts, assorting a catalogue of very high-end parts, including the famous Cristofolini kit.
The standard big bore Cristofolini kit comes with a special crankshaft to ensure optimum performance and reliability. The connecting rod is longer in their top-of-the line version, available at Maxiscoot as “Kit Cristofolini 88cc Racing”.

But the kit wouldn't be complete without its matching Cristofolini Racing exhaust. Specifically designed for this piston / cylinder / crankshaft combination, this exhaust is the only one that can unlock the full potential of this high end kit. Its manufacturing process involves a high consideration for quality of a kind that can only be achieved if you are passionate about what you do. With powerful sound and maximum performance, the Cristofolini Racing kit is a classic in the high performance community.













Cristofolini Cylinder Kit | Excellence for Winners |


Cristofolini Cylinder Kit

The Cristofolini Racing cylinder is the ultimate high-end racing engine. With this cylinder, Cristofolini Racing guarantees outstanding engine performance.
All technical aspects of Cristofolini cylinders were carefully thought-out and designed, from conception to production, every aspect of it expresses ambition, passion and striving for excellence that were involved at every part of the process. Reworked and enlarged transfer ports, huge exhaust ports, modular cylinder heads, all of these details are testament to the fact that Cristofolini cylinders are tailored for those looking for the ultimate, best performance possible. If you are looking for an outstanding engine for your ambitious engine set-up, a Cristofolini cylinder will definitely convince you. The Cristofolini cylinder is a safe bet for those looking for a much-tested, efficient and uncompromising cylinder.