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Polini Kit

polini kit
polini kit

The Polini carburator/intake kit is a huge step forward for vertical Minarelli engines. It comes with a specific reed block, similar to one used for horizontal Minarelli engines, allowing perfect integration of a modern intake system.
It's dual reed valve provides much improved gas flow.
Of course, just as most Polini products, this kit is another proof of the top quality and outstanding performance Polini is known for.
The rubber mounted manifold was designed to reduce the transmission of engine vibrations and, as a result, improve performance. 
Polini also designed their own variator kit including Speed Control variator, a set of torque springs, a reinforced belt and two high-quality roller weight sets.
This kit comes with a reduction of 20% compared to buying the same parts separately.
With almost 70 years of experience, there's no doubt that the guys over at Polini know what they're doing, and it's no surprise that the brand is now considered one of the leading manufacurers of performance parts for scooters and mopeds.
You can find all Polini parts in our online shop, feel free to check it out!

Polini Cylinder Kits

polini cylindre
polini cylindre

Polini has a very wide selection of cylinder kits for various purposes, covering everyday driving to Hyper Racing, starting at 50cc cast iron cylinders with 6/7hp up to high end aluminium racing engines used for track or drag racing.
The beginners' kit, the 50cc cast iron cylinder kit, will get you abit more power than an OEM engine without sacrificing durability. But their cast iron flagship is certainly the famous "Corsa 70cc" with up to 13hp and pretty much the same reliability as any original cast iron engine.
Next, there is the "Evolution" series. Made of aluminium and performance oriented, they are intended for riders looking for serious improvements in performance. They will, of course, require the appropriate setup (exhaust, intake, transmission and ignition) to fully deliver. Aluminium engines tend to be less durable, but the Evolution series is definitely up to par.
Of course, the use of reinforced components (crankshaft/connecting rod, transmission, brakes etc...) is highly recommended for those who are looking for the best performance this brand can provide.


Of course, you'll find all Polini products in our onlineshop