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Laser | Exhaust Specialst |



Laserechappement Laser

Laser is a well-known Dutch manufacturer of quality exhausts for motorcycles. Today, their product range has expanded to include scooter exhausts, characterized by the same quality and performance. Laser has gained an excellent reputation as an exhaust manufacturer over the years. The brand strives to produce exhausts that combine style, top quality and high-end performance. Laser exhausts are now found on both motorcycles and 50cc scooters, drawing on the significant experience in racing as well as their technological know-how developed over many years of business.





Naraku | 4-stroke Engine Performance |

kit cylindre Naraku



Naraku is a manufacturer of engine parts mostly for 50cc 4-stroke two-wheelers. Naraku is one of the only brands to offer OEM quality parts for 50cc 4-stroke scooters. Naraku is a Taiwanese brand specializing in the development of 4-stroke engines. Naraku is not only working with reknowned manufacturers, but is also producing cylinder kits for racing, with increased displacement and accordingly more power than standard engines.

Naraku has wide experience and offers an extensive catalogue with products for very attractive prices. Definitely a great choice if you are looking for tuning parts for your 4-stroke scooter.



Hebo | Performance & Style |



Echappement Hebo Performer

Hebo is a well-known brand in the scooter and 50cc motorcycle scene, but Hebo is also a specialist of anything revolving around bikes and scooters, from engines to leathers or helmets, from 50cc scooters to motorcycles. The quality of their products is internationally recognized and the brand is synonymous with great performance and top quality when it comes to aftermarket products for two-wheelers. Hebo is specializing in everything related to powered 2-wheelers always on the cutting edge of technology, Hebo is an outstanding manufacturer, using lab research tools (test benches) as well as real life racing as ways to develop and expand their product range.
In addition to their excellent performance, Hebo products are characterized by their visual appeal, as the brand has always put their efforts in combining performance with style.
The Hebo product catalogue is also very extensive, offering a wide selection, ranging from ergonomic handles to exhaust systems and high-end cylinder kits for racing.