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LeoVince | Motorcycle & Scooter Exhausts |


Exhaust specialist for motorbikes and 50cc scooters LeoVince is based in Italy. Its products are well known for their top quality and affordable price. Flagship model is the Leovince ZX that became ZX-R in 2010.
LeoVince was founded in 1954 by Pietro Mollo, it is now run by his son Gianni Mollo.

Leovince Handmade

LeoVince quickly turned to specializing in aftermarket parts for mopeds and scooters, and today, LeoVince has become one of the leading companies in this field. The company was recently divided into several divisions, each with its own brand.

Sito: replacement exhausts for standard, street-legal machines
LeoVince: aftermarket exhaust for 2- and 4-stroke, off-road, but also electric units and bodykits and carbon fiber accessories.
Silvertail: special silencers for custom motorcycles
LeoVince has its own research and development team, allowing it to constantly stay a step ahead of its competitors.








TNT |  Visual Customizing |



TNT Feu lexus

TNT is a brand producing accessories for 50cc scooters and motorcycles, they are part of the French company ACSUD. The TNT acronym stands for "Tuning National Trader". The products are marketed in several series, TNT Tuning, TNT Racing and TNT Original.

TNT parts are usually marketed as budget parts as the brand is in fact specialized in customization at low prices. But TNT does not make compromises regarding quality or finish. They are manufactureing their products with the utmost care and meet all current quality standards. The TNT catalogue is impressive, including products of all kinds for all types of scooters, and of course, a whole range of universal parts compatible with all scooter models.
A modern look and attractive prices make TNT one of the favourite brand for those who want to start customizing their machine, but don't want to spend their entire budget.