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Malossi Variators

A huge selection of Malossi variators

Malossi continues to add new stuff to their already vast catalogue. Cylinders, exhausts, ignitions, carburettors: Malossi has everything you might be looking for. The same goes for Malossi variators. Malossi have applied all of their technological know-how and experience in order to create two extensive and separate product lines of scooter, dragster and mopeds variators with impressive and reliable performance at all rpm ranges. We carry Malossi variators for every budget, all parts being high-quality gear. In order to find the right type of Malossi variator, please visit our online-shop where all variomatic products are split into two product lines: Sport/Racing and Oversize/Hyper Racing - high-end products which will leat to better performance.

  • Malossi Multivar for mopeds

    For Piaggio Bravo/Ciao, Honda/Peugeot Fox and 103.
  • Malossi Sport/Racing Variator for scooters

    Malossi Variomatic: Multivar 2000.
  • Malossi Sport/Racing Variator for maxiscooters

    Malossi Variomatic: Multivar 2000.
  • Malossi Oversize/Racing Variator for mopeds

    Malossi Variomatic: Variotop.
  • Malossi Oversize/Racing Variator for scooters

    The amazing MHR Team and MHR 2005.

High-end diversity

Malossi’s Variator Multivar 2000 allows owners of mopeds, scooters and maxi scooters to fully exploit the potential of their engine, making for better acceleration and higher top speed. For ambitious moped owners, there is the Malossi variator Variotop, which is recommended and used by the most successful racing teams in the world. Everything about Malossi products is high-end, the materials, the manufacturing quality and the finishing. The Malossi variator MHR version 2005 guarantees a maximum increase of performance. Ideally combined with a highly tuned engine, this variator uses roller weights sized 19x15.5mm to make adjustments as simple as possible and to facilitate sliders which will further improve performance. Malossi combines premium quality, top performance, highest reliability - simply great value for money. A unique feature of this Variomatic drive is that it is equipped with a 22mm sleeve to press the chain harder against the pulley for a better transmission of engine power to the wheel.


Variators play an important role when it comes to acceleration, which is why we strongly suggest that you only use products recommended by us in order to obtain a balanced Variomatic drive ensuring the transmission of  maximum HP from the engine to the rear wheel, and definitely increasing the overall performance of your vehicle. If you have got any questions regarding the right choice of Malossi variators, please do not hesitate and contact us by writing an email to

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