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Maxiscoot MXS Racing Cylindre

Available in two versions, MXS Racing cylinder kits are exceeding the highest expectations! A high-performance MXS SPORT version for everyday use, and an MXS RACING version to take you to the limit and beyond!

Maxiscoot MXS Sport versus MXS Racing


  • Designed for everyday use
  • Exclusive intake system
  • Easy and quick installation

Maxiscoot, being much more than just a distributor of scooter parts, has decided to dedicate their efforts to the design and development of racing parts with the goal of achieving maximum power for MBK Booster/Stunt mopeds..

We are dealing with vertical Minarelli engines here, and MXS Custom has unrivalled experience and expert knowledge in this field. Just like all high-performance cylinders, the MXS Sport is a Nikasil-plated aluminium cylinder with a top quality single-ring piston (10mm pin). In order to maximize power output, MXS Sport cylinders have a special high-compression cylinder head and port timings of 189.4°/123.6°/125.8°.

To unlock this cylinder’s full potential, we recommend running it with a 21mm carburetor (minimum 17.5mm). With this type of cylinder, squish clearance has to be adjusted when mounting the cylinder (spacers are included). This cylinder was designed for everyday use.

  • Most powerful kit on the market
  • Long life expectancy
  • Wheeling guaranteed

Vertical Minarelli engines were neglected and forgotten by racing fans for quite a while, but we decided to bring them back again. Maxiscoot’s research and development, MXS Racing, took it even one step further by designing the most powerful cylinder for this type of engine!

This mission was accomplished with the release of the MXS Racing cylinder. Technical specs – it is a Nikasil-plated aluminium cylinder with 5 transfer ports and oval exhaust port. It comes with a single-ring piston (10mm pin, also available with 12mm pin) and a special high-compression cylinder head (port timings: 196°/132°/134°).

With the right set-up and without any additional modifications to the cylinder, this kit will reach 18.5ch. We recommend running it with a 28mm carburetor (minimum 21mm), a “Big Valve” kit, a digital inner rotor ignition, an HQ crankshaft (full circle, 10 or 12mm) and, as a matter of course, an MXS Racing exhaust.