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Polini 50cc

Entire selection of Polini 50cc cylinder kits available

Polini have been market leaders in the field of high-end cylinders for ages now and they have 50cc kits for every two-stroke or four-stroke engine currently available. Whether you own an MBK 51 ‘Ciao’ moped, an MBK ‘Spirit’ or a Yamaha ‘Neo’, whether you’re into engines with liquid cooling such as the ‘Nitro’ or the ‘Aerox’, or into air-cooled engines, there will always be a Polini 50cc kit that will be compatible with your individual set-up. There are cast-iron models with single-ring pistons for everyday use as well as the Polini 50cc aluminium kits with one-ring pistons for more HP and racing.

  • Polini 50cc Kit - Moped

    Every ride is entitled to a Polini kit.
  • Polini 50cc Kit Cast Iron Sport

    For road use and reliability.
  • Polini 50cc Kit Evolution

    The famous racing cylinder for AC & LC engines.
  • Polini 50cc Kit 4-stroke

    Cylinders designed for four-stroke engines.

Italian tradition and know-how

Renowned for decades, Polini is a scooter equipment pioneer, always aiming at optimising both four-stroke and two-stroke engines. Our grandparents and great-grandparents were already riding engines equipped with Polini 50cc kits. Today, Polini continues to produce cylinders and is still improving every year, for example the new Polini 50cc Evolution kit, used for endurance races. Apart from their racing division, Polini never ceased to develop products for those who want to use their ride on public roads, they designed the Polini 50cc cast iron kit which will optimise your scooter’s power output while guaranteeing the reliability you need for everyday driving!


Being one of Europe's leading retailers, we have decided to make Polini’s entire catalogue available to our customers and have all Polini 50cc kits in our online shop. From the basic cast-iron ‘Sport’ to their ‘Aluminium Racing’ model as well as their ‘Evolution’ model, all Polini 50cc kits are available in our online shop under ‘Cylinders’. You will see that there is a wide choice as regards the latest scooter models, such as the MBK ‘Nitro’ with its horizontal Minarelli engine with liquid cooling, the MBK ‘Spirit’/’Stunt’/’Rocket’ with its vertical air-cooled engine but also less well-known models such as various mopeds, various four-stroke engines and Derbi rides. It is about time to visit our online shop and treat yourself to a Polini 50cc kit and the power that comes with it.

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