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Polini 70cc

Choose the best, the cream of the crop – choose a Polini 70cc kit

Using cutting-edge technology and design, Polini 70cc kits make for a absolutely unbelievable increase in HP in horizontal as well as vertical engines. As you probably know, cylinders with a displacement of more than 50cc are prohibited on European public roads. While Polini is producing numerous kits for this market, let's have a look at racing and racing cylinders, and it's here that you should opt for the best and buy a Polini 70cc kit from our online-shop. Polini 70cc kits, aluminium or cast iron, for scooters and for mopeds – we have them for pretty much all vehicles currently on the market as well as for a few older models. In all likelihood, we have what you need!

  • Polini 70cc Kit Evolution

    A star among Polini cylinders, a true legend!
  • Polini 70cc Kit W

    Old school - Polini's famous W-shaped exhaust port cylinder.
  • Polini 70cc Kit Corsa

    Polini's workhorse cylinder for all LC engines!
  • Polini Spare Parts

    An extensive range of Polini spare parts.

Increase your HP with Polini

Polini have always been spoiling us with their high-performance cylinders for decades. The Polini 70cc kit Corsa for example has been a top seller for years now and this is unlikely to change. Dubbed ‘The Indestructable’ by our old school pilots, this cast iron 70cc cylinder will just do its job no matter how badly you treat it, be it endurance racing or ambitiously increasing HP. The Polini 70cc kit is so popular that many race events in Italy are flying Polini flags and require that all pilots use Polini cylinders! And indeed, today, you can mount a Polini 70cc kit onto your scooter, just like that. Well not entirely, a reinforced crankshaft is needed, that’s how much more power your scooter will gain.


Polini offer high-end cylinders, and that is what they do best! The Polini 70cc kit is sure enough prohibited from regular road use (just like all 70cc cylinders from other brands). But on the race track, the increase in HP will make you demolish your competition; all you need to do besides mounting the Polini gear is to learn how to control its power. We have the entire Polini 70cc kit catalogue in our high-end cylinder section on our website. You will find the Evolution kit, the W model, the cast iron sports model and also the famous Corsa and many surprises. We also have spare parts for all these kits and these will help you to refresh and repair your Polini 70cc kit.

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